Custom Soundtracks

Advanced piano skills and some knowledge of soundtrack writing software are not enough to create quality sound tracks. The piano player must be academically trained to read a wide variety of music coding - jazz and pop lead sheets, regular piano music, and full vocal and orchestral scores, which include transposing, reading different clefs and being fluent at that. Proficiency in ProTools or LogicPro and a sharp ear to pick occasional mistakes and misprints are essential to produce high quality results.

More advanced work will include live musicians recorded in a professional recording studio. Our recording sessions are conducted at the Studio West. In cases when your budget is limited and will not allow for all live instruments, we create mixed tracks. Mixed tracks will have live solo instruments over the sampled background (keyboard, strings, etc.). Prices will vary depending on the time and skills required to create your custom track.

The vast majority of our clients are production companies, musical theatres, and music departments of schools, colleges and universities. We also work with private music studios, radio stations, and other organizations and businesses.